Class 9CM Victorian Research and Activities

Class 9CM have been researching the Victorians during our recent humanities lessons. We started our work by learning about Queen Victoria. The pupils have been looking at the Victorian period on the timeline and learning about the many changes that took place.

This then led to some work themed around life in Victorian Britain. Some of the pupils have been looking at Victorian houses and comparing them with how we live today. Worksheets have been completed asking the class members to place Victorian objects in the relevant rooms.

We have also compared Victorian food with our own eating habits. Another activity saw Class 9CM create a Victorian meal on a plate by sorting and sticking the type of food that was eaten during this era.

Some of the higher level pupils have been answering questions on the Victorians using source material. The answers have been read out and shared with staff members.

Another group of learners have been recognising some Victorian objects. These have been cut out and then matched to the correct name on a worksheet.

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