Computer Coding in Class 11IP

Autumn computing work in Class 11IP has involved the students learning about coding. The curriculum is accessed at different levels depending on the learning needs of each class member.

Some of the higher level students have started to write their own computer code. We have worked with some software that can move objects around the screen.

Different actions can also be built into this sequence. An example is writing the code so that a monkey picks up a banana when it is nearby. Loops and sequences have been used to help the computer code to flow.

Other pupils in Class 11IP have been coding using the arrow keys. The challenge was to code in the correct sequence to guide a helicopter around a flying space. Commands were written to pick and drop off different items in the helicopter.

A final group has been working on a similar coding exercise that uses code to move a chicken around the screen. The aim is for the students to make the connection between how a sequence of events can change what takes place on the screen.

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