Class 10RH Research the Guy Fawkes Bonfire Story

Class 10RH had a timely humanities lesson looking at the Bonfire Night and the Guy Fawkes story. Class teacher Miss M started the lesson by asking what the date was. One of the students answered the 5th of November.

Another pupil was able to add that we celebrate Bonfire Night on this date. Our lesson then looked at the reasons why this is an important date.

The students watched a series of slides showing the Gunpowder Plot. Class members took it in turns to read the captions. The pupils were reminded of the makaton sign for Guy Fawkes.

The Class 10RH students had many questions about the story. Some of the scenes in the story were acted out. We finished the circle time by repeating the Remember, Remember the 5th of November poem.

Each pupil then completed some table work. One group of learners answered a comprehension sheet about the story. Other pupils matched pictures from the story to the correct words.

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