Class 11IP Maths Fraction Learning

Recent maths work in Class 11IP has involved the students learning about fractions. We started off this work by looking at halves. This then led to the students learning about quarters.

Table work challenges required the pupils to shade in either a half or a quarter of a particular shape. Maths teacher Miss V reminded the students that the halves and quarters needed to be the exact same amounts.

This then led to some fraction statements being completed. Questions such as what is a third of twelve were answered. Miss V guided the pupils by helping them with their partitioning skills.

Other class members have focussed on their key counting skills. Table work here has seen the students matching up the correct number of objects with a number.

All Class 11IP pupils are rewarded with choosing time once they have completed their work. Our maths classroom has many maths based fun games to play.

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