Turney Sixth Form Students at Herne Hill Velodrome

The Turney Sixth Form students continue with their weekly cycling sessions at the nearby Herne Hill Velodrome. Our Monday morning activity is kindly set up by our friends from Wheels for Wellbeing.

All students from Year 12, Year 13 and Year 14 attend. One of the aims is to allow students who might normally benefit from one-on-one support to be able to grow in confidence. It is great to see the young adults being able to cycle around the track independently.

A wide range of bicycles are available for the session. The Wheels for Wellbeing team determine which type of bike is suitable for each student. The idea is that the Turney students will progress as the weeks continue. We have already seen some students riding solo on a two-wheeler.

Track safety is an important part of the Herne Hill sessions. All students wear a helmet. Adults ride around the track and offers support to keep everyone safe.

Some of the students have taken part in track tuition in the centre of the track. These high level learners have steered through cones and have been tested on the best time to use their brakes.

Our Velodrome sessions end with a much-deserved snack time. We would like to thank the wonderful Wheels for Wellbeing for continuing to offer this opportunity to the Turney students.

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