Class 10RH Look Ahead to Turney Christmas Concert

Class 10RH have been rehearsing for the Turney School Christmas Concert during our music lessons. Each class will perform a song from around the world. Class 10RH are learning the Chinese Christmas song Tree of Light.

One of the class members read through the words during a recent lesson. Music teacher Miss G led the way with the signing.

Our music learning in Class 10RH has also continued with the learning targets of each class member. Each session starts with a sensory experience. Relaxing music is played whilst the pupil explore fabrics. They then describe the music using the Picture Exchange Communication system.

One of the class members was able to identify that the piano was the main instrument we could hear in a recent piece of music. The drum was then passed around so that the class members could welcome their friends by tapping out the syllables in their name.

One of the targets for a group of Class 10RH pupils is to work together as a team. This group of learners used the ukuleles to help achieve this.

Another learning aim is to listen to instructions and communication. This is achieved with an adult playing a pattern on the drum, and then the student repeating this.

Finally the keyboards are used by Class 10RH students who are working on improving their fine motor skills. Our lesson came to a close with a movement break.

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