Class 11IP Start Animal Environment Topic

Class 11IP has started a new science topic learning about animal environments. Our aim is to explore the climate and landscape of where various animals choose to live.

Our early work focussed on the Savanna desert. Different writing activities followed on from our class introduction to this environment.

One task was to think of related words to describe the landscape of the Savanna desert. Class teacher Miss G then asked the students to think of a new sentence that used these words. This exercise then led to the pupils thinking of an opposite word.

The Class 11IP pupils revisited some science vocabulary that has been taught in previous topics. Words such as predators, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores and prey were used. The students then chose a sentence that matched up these words.

A final task for our first session was to look at a picture of the Savanna desert and then describe this. The students were encouraged to use words related to our science learning.

Another group of learners have been working towards identifying the animals that live in the Savanna desert. They have been selecting toy animals at random out of a selection box. The task was then to identify each animal.

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