Red Class Food Shopping and Preparation

Our Monday food tech routine in Red Class has led to some very tasty dishes being prepared. Each Monday morning the pupils walk to the local shops to buy the ingredients for our cooking session.

The menu choice is decided by the pupils. We then draw up a shopping list. Each class member has the responsibility for finding one of the ingredients in the shop.

Monday afternoons are then spent in the Turney Cafe. This is a purpose built facility with a full food preparation facility. Working away from the class room helps the pupils to feel confident in other parts of the school.

A recent menu choice was macaroni vegetable cheese. We divided up the food preparation so that each class member was responsible for one of the ingredients. Some careful chopping of the broccoli took place. Other pupils used the cheese grater.

Once our dish was prepared it was then heated up. All class members were invited to sample the bake. Class teacher Maria asked them to comment on the taste.

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