Class 10RH Independent Learning in the Turney Cafe

The Class 10RH students are gaining confidence working in the Turney School Cafe. We have been using this brilliant space as part of our PSHCE learning. It is ideal for the pupils to develop their independence skills in a safe environment.

A recent session saw Class 10RH prepare a healthy fruit salad. The students were asked to organise the space by setting up the tables and thinking about the seating arrangements. One class member was then able to remind everyone that our first task was to wash our hands.

Collecting the equipment then followed on our instruction sheet. The students were expected to know where they can find each item in the Cafe kitchen. Different pupils took on the responsibility for the utensils needed.

Each class member then had a choice of fruit to prepare for the salad. Apples, oranges and bananas were available. The makaton signs for fruit were used to help with this task.

The students were then asked to concentrate on their chopping skills. We added some honey into the salad, and took it in turns to mix it all together. The final activity was a tasting and evaluation session. Each pupil was asked to comment on their creation.

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