Red Class Cooking in the Turney School Cafe

Red Class are continuing with their weekly food tech sessions in the Turney School Cafe. This is a stand alone space with safe cooking facilities. Red Class are always excited ahead of working in the Cafe.

The pupils are familiar with the routine. The first task is to wash our hands. We then find an apron to keep our clothes clean.

On the menu during a recent session was tasty cinnamon biscuits. The Red Class children worked together to follow the menu as we added the different ingredients to the mixture. Each class played a part in helping to prepare the dough. Cracking the eggs was the favourite activity!

The pupils were then asked to smell a small amount of cinnamon on a teaspoon. This was going to be the main taste in our biscuits. All the class members gave the cinnamon the thumbs up!

Kneading the dough was the next activity. We then used our rolling skills to flatten the mixture. Some careful cutting followed to create the biscuit shapes. Once our biscuits had been baked we held a tasting session. We had positive feedback from all the children!

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