Secondary School Singing and Signing Assembly

Our recent Turney Singing and Signing Assembly had a slight change with the students performing accapella! Staff member Mark welcomed the students and asked them to think about the rhythm and beats for each of the songs.

We started off with a lively version of Don’t Worry About a Thing. This was the perfect introduction for an accapella assembly with plenty of clapping to help with the rhythm.

Mark is using these assemblies to also help the pupils with their makaton signing skills. We took a short break to consider the signs for family members and animal names. Many of these are needed for the songs that we sing and sign.

Stand by Me was the second song. Volunteers to help out with the signing were invited to the front of the assembly. The final song was the Turney School favourite What a Wonderful World. The Assembly ended with the Head Boy taking responsibility for dismissing the pupils back to class.

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