Year 13 Work Experience in the Local Community

The Year 13 students are taking part in various work experience schemes throughout the spring term. Some of the pupils have volunteered their time at the nearby All Saint’s Church in West Dulwich.

Each week they have spent some time helping to clean the Church and prepare the building ahead of services. The students have used the hoover to clean the carpets and dusted the many chairs that are inside the building. Hymn books have been placed in the correct place.

The aim of these sessions is to help the Year 13 students feel confident in their local community. The class members make the short walk each week making use of their road safety knowledge. It is also useful meeting the church staff and entering into conversation with some trusted members of the community.

Our school connections with All Saint’s is greatly valued. Staff member Debbie has been able to help set up a toddler group. She has used her makaton signing expertise to help the parents gain some new skills.

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