Green Class Emotions and Feelings

Green Class will be starting a new topic after the half term break learning about emotions and feelings. This will help the children to understand why they are experiencing different emotions.

We will approach this topic by seeing that it is OK to feel sad, afraid or nervous. Part of the learning will be to look at ways in which we can can cope with these emotions. Strategies such as going for a walk, a movement break or going to the quiet room will be considered.

Elsewhere in Green Class and the children are continuing with their weekly trips to Brockwell Park and local shops. These help with our life skills learning. Special attention is paid to activities such as road safety.

Our daily table work activities are also progressing well. Each pupil has a structured lesson plan to meet their individual learning targets. Tasks include recognising phonic sounds, leaving spaces between words in a piece of writing and finding the missing letters to complete a sound.

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