Yellow Class Spring Term Curriculum

Yellow Class have completed activities across different subjects as we head into the half term break. The children have enjoyed exploring the characters in Peter Pan as part of our English learning.

Science work in Yellow Class has seen a study of solids, liquids and gases. This has been a practical topic. The class members have completed experiments to help us to distinguish between the different matters.

The Yellow Class children are continuing with their weekly trips to the nearby Cafe Lulu. This helps with the life skills learning for the children. Important social skills such as ordering food, and waiting politely for it to be served take place here.

We have also started up our swimming sessions at Crystal Palace pool. Different levels of ability are on show. The aim is for the children to feel safe and confident in the water.

Finally our end of term activities in Yellow Class have involved some ICT fun time with the iPads. The children are given some reward time at the end of each day if they have completed their other activities.

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