Class 10RH Continue with WW2 Anne Frank Topic

Class 10RH are continuing with their history work learning about some of the key themes around World War Two. The students have studied in detail the life of Anne Frank.

The first few lessons after the half term break were spent recapping on this knowledge. Class teacher Miss A asked the students to recall key points in the Anne Frank story. Plenty of questions were asked to the students to help them sequence the events.

Different table work activities then took place. Some of the Class 10RH students have considered the facts in the story. A worksheet containing many sentences with missing words was completed. Vocabulary such as Auschwitz, Annex and Holocaust was used.

Another group of students thought about what items you might need to take with you if you had to go into hiding. They have prepared a list which contains essential items rather than everyday luxuries.

A final group of learners have completed pictures showing some of the major moments in the Anne Frank story. The task was to join together the separated part of the picture to help show some of the facts in the story.

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