Secondary School Singing and Signing Assembly

The Turney Secondary School Singing and Signing Assembly had a recent theme of pancakes. Each week Choir Leader Mark helps the pupils to develop their makaton skills. A subject is chosen that suits the time of the year.

Mark introduced the idea of Pancake Day by bringing in frying pan and an imitation pancake. He showed how we can toss pancakes. This led to the makaton sign which the students then demonstrated.

Other signs were added, including the ingredients of milk, flour, eggs and sugar. Mark asked the students who was looking forward to making some pancakes?

Two songs followed. Our assembly had a lively version of I Can’t Get No Satisfaction, then the Turney favourite of What a Wonderful World.

The assembly closed with a recap of the Sign of the Day for pancake. The Head Boy and Head Girl were given the responsibility to send the students back to class.

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