Sixth Form Students at Herne Hill Velodrome

The Turney Sixth form students are having plenty of fun at the nearby Herne Hill Velodrome. They visit the Velodrome each Monday morning to work alongside Wheels for Wellbeing. This is an organisation that promotes cycling for everyone.

Some amazing improvements have taken place amongst the pupils since we started this project. Some of the Turney students are now able to cycle independently on two-wheeled bikes.

Three and four wheel pedalling bikes are also available. The Wheels for Wellbeing volunteers help to build up the confidence of each student. The pupils can move up to the main velo track once they can show safety and skills on the inner track.

This is a highly inclusive activity where all pupils are able to take part. We would like to thank our friends at Wheels for Wellbeing for providing this opportunity so close to our school.

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