Yellow Class Duck on a Bike Class Reading Book

Yellow Class will be reading Duck on a Bike as their main class text for the rest of the spring term. This is a story that helps the pupils to identify the different farm animals. One of the key lines in the book is:

“A duck on a bike? That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever seen!”

Class teacher Aga has prepared many table activities for each pupil. These help the class members to achieve the individual learning targets that have been set.

Some of the pupils will use the characters in the story to help improve their handwriting. Over-writing exercises have been prepared showing the names of the different animals. Another group of children will match up pictures of the animals with their names.

Our maths learning in Yellow Class will look at simple addition and subtraction for some of the pupils. Another group will focus on number recognition.

Finally guided reading time in Yellow Class is being used to help the pupils blend different letters together to form words. We have a current focus on the letter B. The children have been identifying words such as bug, bus and bun.

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