Busy End of Term Learning in Yellow Class

The Yellow Class children have been making some great progress with their guided reading throughout the spring term. This activity takes place each day. Individual targets are set for each pupil depending on their needs.

Some of the pupils have been looking for missing letters in a word. They are given a picture and then the word with a missing letter. Two choices are given.

Another level of learners have been using a pair of words to create a short sentence. An example is tree and park. The sentence ‘the tree is in the park’ is then formed.

Maths learning in Yellow Class has introduced the pupils to some new concepts. We have looked at what is meant by inside and outside. The class members have looked at examples such as a dog sitting inside a kennel, and then outside.

Ordinal numbers is another new maths activity in Yellow Class. The pupils have been thinking about what is meant by 1st, or 5th etc.

We have used visual resources to help with this activity. Five balloons were shown in a picture. The pupils were asked to colour in the 1st and 5th balloon.

Finally some simple addition has been completed in Yellow Class. The children are working towards being able to add together single digit numbers.

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