Class 14SH Social Skills

The Class 14SH students have been busy during their regular Monday morning social time. Each week following our visit to Herne Hill Velodrome we spend some shared time with our friends.

A movement break usually starts the session. This helps the students with their listening skills and relaxes their bodies after the morning of cycling.

One of the key social activities is snack time. The main aim is to help with communication skills. A mixture of verbal and use of the Picture Exchange Communication system helps the class members to put across their requests.

The next activity is a little house keeping. Students take it in turns to change the day and date on the class whiteboard, as well as describing the weather.

A recent social session then focussed on making some special leaving cards for our wonderful staff member Sev. Some of the students wrote a personal message. Other class members created a print of their hand.

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