Secondary School Singing and Signing Assembly Video

A recent secondary school Singing and Signing assembly started with staff member Mark asking the students about Mother’s Day. Mark encouraged the pupils to sign out how they helped to celebrate the day. We saw signs for cards, flowers and dinner.

The first song performed was Three Little Birds this is a Turney School favourite. It always guaranteed participation at the front of the assembly with some superb signing skills.

It was then time to celebrate student and staff birthdays. Three pupils were invited to the front of the assembly to receive a card as our friends sung Happy Birthday.

Stand by Me was the second song performed. This involved dancing with our friends.

Mark then introduced some of the Words of the Week. Egg, chocolate and chicken were all mentioned as we look ahead to Easter.

The Singing and Signing assembly came to a close with a brilliant performance of David Bowie’s Starman. The Head Boy and Girl dismissed the students back to class.

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