Class 10RH Music Keyboard Skills

Recent music lessons Class 10RH have helped the class members with their verbal skills. We usually start each lesson by listening to a piece of music. The pupils are then asked to describe to their friends what the music sounded like. Some of the class members have been able to identify the instruments in each piece of music.

The main learning focus for the students is to continue with their keyboard skills. Some of the higher ability students are being encouraged to use all five fingers on both hands whilst playing the keyboard. This also helps with their fine motor skills.

Different songs are then played on the keyboards. Each class member has a specific song that will help to meet their learning target. The pupils are also working on recognising the notes on the keyboard without any visual guidance.

One of the Class 10RH students is working on a unique project to help with her oral training. A sequence of notes are played. The student then makes a choice from a Picture Exchange Communication board to show which animal the music reminds her of.

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