Class 11JB Bake Tasty Carrot Cakes

Class 11JB recently baked some delicious carrot cakes. We had a request form other students around the school to bake some cakes for the start of the summer term. Carrot cake seemed like the perfect healthy eating option.

Food tech teacher Barbara is helping the students to understand the sequence of cooking instructions. Cards showing Now and Next are used with pictures placed on these to help the students to focus.

Peeling and chopping skills were needed to help prepare the carrots. The students were asked to think about the ideal size of the carrot chunks before they were put inside the blender.

Each student was asked to measure the correct amount of oil, flour and sugar to be added to our mixture. The class members used the blender independently to mix the ingredients.

The cakes were baked in the oven, and then iced and decorated with a choice of sprinklers. A short tasting session finished the lesson.

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