Class 7AV Design and Make Healthy Sandwiches

The Class 7AV pupils recently designed and created a healthy sandwich as part of our food tech learning. This learning required the pupils to make plenty of independent choices.

The first decision was to select the main salad ingredients from the choosing table. Each pupil was asked to identify what the options were. On display were tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, ham and cheese.

Once the choices had been made, the pupils washed the ingredients and then started the preparation. The key skills being used were chopping, slicing and grating.

Another choice involved deciding if white or brown bread was to be used. This was then spread lightly with butter.

We watched food tech teacher Barbara demonstrate how to make vegan mayonnaise. The pupils then tasted this, before deciding if they wanted to use vegan or regular mayonnaise as a topping.

The final task was to taste our creations. One half of the sandwich was eaten, whilst the other was taken home to enjoy.

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