Class 9CM Prepare for Sports Day with Short Sprints

Class 9CM are in training early for the Turney School Sports Day. Our first PE lessons of the summer term have helped the students to improve their sprinting skills.

PE teacher Mr Jones has given expert guidance on how we can improve our speed. The pupils were asked to run with ‘high knees’ and to use their arms to gain momentum.

A few slow lengths of the school running track were completed to try out this technique. We then added in the full power of some proper sprints.

Another PE theme for this term is to improve our teamwork. Class 9CM split off into two teams. A running exercise was completed involving picking up a beanbag at the halfway stage of a sprint, and then placing it in a bucket at the end of the track.

The pupils then had to run down to their team mate. It was their signal to complete the exercise when they received a high five.

Mr Jones asked: when we will know when the race is finished? One of the students was able to answer that the race is over when there are no more beanbags left on the track.

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