Yellow Class Summer Term Curriculum

The Yellow Class pupils are working hard each morning on improving their phonics skills as part of the guided reading sessions. A recent focus for the children has been the M and N sounds.

Table work has involved the class members writing a short sentence using these blends of sounds to describe what they can see. Pictures are provided to help with this work. Examples include: I see Mum, I see a nurse, I see mice and I see milk.

Our class reading book is Dear Zoo. Yellow Class have identified each animal and described the features that make them different.

Summer term Science learning in Yellow Class will focus on the weather. We have already been looking for images that we might see in clouds. The children have completed worksheets showing clouds in that look like animals or objects. The makaton signs for each image is then signed.

Finally our maths work for the summer term will involve shapes. The pupils will look for shapes in everyday items that we see such as sandwiches or a swimming pool.

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