Class 11JB Explore Primary Colours during Art Lessons

Class 11JB are learning about primary colours during our art lessons. The sessions have encouraged the students to mix red, blue and yellow colours together to see what the outcome is.

Different resources and textures were made available. This was a sensory form of learning that helped the class members to explore the colours independently.

One of the activities involved a tray of water and primary coloured water dye. The students experimented with their colour mixing. Washing up liquid was added to help create a bubble texture.

Other art activities have involved the Class 11JB pupils looking at primary colours in pop art. We have used the work of Andy Warhol to help recreate some of his colourful work using puzzles. The students have been introduced to the makaton sign for pop art.

Another table activity saw the students exploring lego pieces made out of the primary colours. The pupils were encouraged to match up the red, yellow and blue pieces.

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