Lime Class Food Shopping and Pizza Baking

Lime Class are continuing with their regular Friday morning shopping trip. This is to buy the ingredients that we use later in the day during our food tech lessons.

Our walk to the local shop requires all class members to be focussed and listen to instructions. There are a couple of roads to cross. Staff members help the pupils to make sure that it is safe. We have seen how the green man is the signal for us to cross the road.

Each class member has their own food item to find once we reach the supermarket. These are planned back in class when the menu is being prepared. A recent shopping trip involved sourcing the ingredients to bake a pizza.

One of the students is then selected to pay for our food. We have spoken about the importance of thanking the shop worker for their help.

Back at Turney School and the Lime Class children took their ingredients to the Cafe space to prepare to bake the pizzas. This was very much a team effort. Some of the pupils used their chopping skills to prepare the mushrooms, peppers and spring onions. Other class members made the dough mixture for our pizza base.

The children were encouraged to work independently. Adult support was available if needed. Our busy day of food shopping and baking was rewarded with some delicious healthy pizzas that we shared together in the Turney Cafe.

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