Sixth Form Cricket, Boccia and Indoor Curling

The Sixth Form students are continuing with their regular Friday morning sport sessions. These take place at the start of the day to help the students have an active mind and body for the rest of the learning ahead.

A light warm up usually starts each session. PE teacher Mr Jones gave a specific set of instructions. These involved running around the pitch in a certain direction towards different coloured cones.

Other instructions were then added in such as running with high heels, sideways running and skipping. The activity helped the students to listen and follow instructions.

Outdoor and indoor activities were then made available. The students that stayed outdoors played a game of Kwick Cricket. Some of the students were able to explain the rules. All class members were involved with batting, bowling and fielding responsibilities.

The indoor students focussed on improving their boccia and curling skills. These are two activities that are played throughout the school. Both sports are very accessible and suitable for all learning levels. The sixth form students were asked to score their own games and decide which team had won at the end.

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