Class 11JB Prepare Tasty Mexican Street Food

Class 11JB are continuing with their food tech journey around the world. A recent menu item was a tasty Mexican quesadillas dish.

Plenty of preparation was needed with different food tech skills on display. The ingredients included three different coloured peppers, black beans, spring onions, olives, cheese and garlic.

Chopping, mixing and grating were skills that were needed. The students were asked to take responsibility for their own work surfaces and utensils.

Paprika and chilli powder were added for a little extra flavouring. The students were asked to smell these ahead of adding them to see if they would be to their taste.

This was a healthy vegan dish for Class 11JB to enjoy. We served up our quesadillas in a tasty wholemeal wrap. This was brushed over with olive oil.

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