Class 7AV Recreate Andy Warhol Pop Art Paintings

Art sessions in Year 7 have explored the pop art painting of Andy Warhol. In particular we have looked at how he used bright colours when painting some powerful pictures of flowers.

One of the themes that the pupils have looked at is the use of light and dark tones. We have seen how Warhol used these to add some depth to his paintings.

The pupils have worked on different activities based around the famous Warhol images. Some of the class members have focussed on painting the petals. Adult support is given with plenty of questions about the different colours used.

Another group of Year 7 learners have looked at various methods for drawing the flowers. We have seen how Warhol was able to take one image and then produce slight variations.

Sentences were added to our work to explain what has taken place. The pupils were asked to comment on who was working on the painting, what they did and how they went about it.

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