New Learning Initiatives at Turney School

We are pleased to provide an update on the individual Behaviour Support Plans that are being used throughout Turney School. Each pupil has very unique learning needs. It is important that staff have a plan in place to help each pupil remain focussed with their learning.

Colour codes are used to categorise the emotions that each student might be feeling. A personal response is then outlined for staff members to use, depending on the emotions of the pupil.

Meanwhile the work of our specialist Social Communication Groups is continuing in both the Primary and Secondary schools. These involve work with the Speech and Language Therapist to help pupils develop their conversation skills.

Lego Therapy is part of this learning. A specific building task is given. The pupils are asked to work together and use verbal and non-verbal communication to help achieve the target.

We have also piloted in Green Class a life skills session with positive results. The main aim was to focus on function skills that the students need for everyday living. This learning will soon continue throughout all classes at Turney School.

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