Red Class Teamwork Making Tasty Pancakes

Red Class recently had a fantastic time in the Turney School Cafe. This is a stand alone facility that allows the students to improve their food preparation techniques.

On the menu for this session was pancakes. This was a group effort with each class member having a role to play in the preparation of our pancakes.

Class members took it in turns to measure out the correct amount of each ingredient. The eggs were beaten and then we added in the flour and baking powder.

The pupils were expected to take responsibility for the utensils that were used. Class teacher Maria asked each pupil to find items such as knives or plates. All the class members are familiar with where everything is kept in our Turney Cafe.

Once the mixture was ready it was then time to cook the pancakes. Adults carried out this stage of the session with the pupils observing and describing what they could see.

The final task was to decide on a topping for our pancakes. Strawberry jam, honey and cinnamon were all available. We then had a shared tasting session together.

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