Yellow Class Maths 2D Shapes Learning

Yellow Class are learning about different 2D shapes as part of our maths learning for the summer term. Our sessions usually start with a lively movement break. These are a great way to prepare the pupils for the learning ahead.

The main learning aim is for the pupils to begin to recognise different shapes. One of the activities has involved the children drawing and then labelling different shapes.

This has then led to class members writing a short sentence to describe the properties of a 2D shape. The pupils have commented on the the number of sides and corners in each shape.

This work is great for helping the pupils to work independently. Each class member is encouraged to organise their own work and take responsibility for what they need to achieve.

Elsewhere in Yellow Class and our guided reading is continuing each day. We have pupils working on Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the phonics programme.

Support is given for the pupils to identify the sounds that letters or blends of letters make. We are also reading the book Dear Zoo to help back up this work.

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