Healthy Eating Week at Turney School

We are happy to share a photo gallery of Healthy Eating Week at Turney School. We have partnered up with the British Nutrition Foundation to promote healthy eating and fitness.

The purpose of the Week is to promote key health messages and habits to young people. A different theme is taking place for each day of the week. Food tech teacher Barbara and her team have put together a fantastic schedule of activities.

Many of the activities can also take place at home. Suggestions include:

Have a special healthy family breakfast

Include wholegrain or higher fibre varieties of food (e.g. wholegrain breakfast cereal, wholemeal bread), a portion or more of your 5 A DAY and an unsweetened drink.

Get everyone active

As a family, try a new activity that gets everyone’s heart beating faster. You could invent a new game and play it in the park!

Create a family 5 A DAY planner

Plan what you’ll have for your 5 A DAY every day for a week – keep it on the fridge to help everyone remember! Can you include a vegetable or fruit that none of your family has tried before?

Plan a relaxing routine

Plan a relaxing bedtime routine for everyone at home. Bedrooms should be ‘sleep friendly’ – dark, quiet and cool. Remember to turn off electronic devices at least 1 hour before bedtime.

Track your drinks

Get everyone at home to keep track of what they drink for a day. Did everyone manage to have at least 6-8 unsweetened drinks?

Good luck to everyone taking part!

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