Class 10RH Gardening Teamwork at the Allotment

Class 10RH are working hard at the Turney allotment space at Rosendale. Each Monday morning the students make the short walk to the allotments to help maintain the plants and vegetables that we are growing.

A recent session saw the students prepare the ground and plant a couple of pumpkin plants. We are hopeful that these will be able to produce some impressive pumpkins ahead of Halloween.

Class teacher Miss B explained that three key tasks needed to be achieved during this session: weeding, planting and watering.

The students were asked to choose which activity they would like to work on. The Picture Exchange Communication system was used to help some of the students to express their choice.

All students were encouraged to work independently and find the tools that were needed. The allotment weeding team found some gardening gloves and got to work pulling up the weeds.

Some digging and careful planting saw the pumpkin plants being bedded in. Our watering can team got to work and made sure that all the plants had plenty to drink.

Great team work Class 10RH!

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