Summer Secondary Singing and Signing Assembly

Our weekly Secondary School Singing and Signing assemblies continue to be a great way to start the new week. Each Monday morning staff member Mark leads the assemblies. Signing guidance is given by Catherine and Lucy. They both received a round of applause from the pupils at the start of a recent assembly!

Mark always introduces some new signs to the students during the assembly. Transport was a recent theme. Mark helped the pupils to sign the words for different forms of transport.

It was then time to sing! Three Little Birds always receives a lively rendition from the Turney students. Some of the signing skills were superb.

Mark then looked at the calendar and announced that it was National Maths Day. The connection was made with the transport words that we had looked at earlier. It was explained how we need maths skills to help design and build different types of transport.

Happy Birthday was sung to staff member Eddie. Our final song was A Million Dreams from the musical The Greatest Showman. This is a new song that the students are learning to sing and sign.

The Head Girl congratulated everyone for their fantastic contribution to the assembly. The Head Boy dismissed pupils back to class.

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