Class 10IC Start Science Skeletons Topic

Class 10IC are learning about skeletons as our main science topic for the new term. We started this work with some circle time to think about what we mean by skeletons.

Science teacher Miss G asked the students what they thought skeletons might be made of. Two choices were offered on the class whiteboard: bones or wood? The students were able to select bones as the correct choice.

Some other questions were asked with two options available. These included the colour of the bones, and whether they are soft or sturdy.

Individual table work followed. Some of the class members were given pictures of individual bones. They were asked to match these to the correct body parts. An example was finger bones being connected to the hand.

The students were able to work with some model bones to help with this learning. At the end of each activity the Class 10IC members were asked to tidy up. One of the key aims for this term is to develop independent learning with each class member taking on the responsibility for their work space.

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