Class 11EJ Start Work on Humanities AQA Certificate

Class 11EJ are working towards an AQA certificate during our humanities lessons for the year ahead. These are structured so that class teacher Miss H can select different syllabus areas and then assess when the objectives have been met.

Our first geography unit is looking at the Amazon rainforest. We started by looking at the environment and using our science knowledge to see how plants and trees can survive in the rainforest.

Some shared circle time has seen each class member reading out from a presentation about the rainforest. We have seen how some of the plants adapt so they can live in these conditions.

New vocabulary has been introduced. Class 11EJ are now able to use words such as canopy, forest floor and habitat.

Some of the lower level learners are completing some activity sheets. They have have sorted pictures showing rivers or a desert into the correct category. We have also sorted animals who like to live in trees, and animals that like to live on the floor.

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