First Singing & Signing Assembly of the New Term

The Turney Secondary School students recently had their first Singing and Signing assembly of the new term. Each Monday morning staff member Mark leads the assembly. Expert signing comes from staff member Catherine.

A short movement break to get everyone in the right mood for singing started the session. Mark asked everyone if they enjoyed their summer holiday. We were shown the signs for home and abroad.

This was linked to the Sign of the Day. Mark asked the students to sign out where. We also signed other questioning words such as who, what, why and how.

Then it was time time to sing! You’ve got a Friend in Me from the Jungle Book soundtrack is a Turney school favourite.

Mark looked at the calendar to see what special days are coming up this week. We saw that World Literacy Day is fast approaching.

Our Singing and Signing assembly came to a close with David Bowie’s Starman. It was great to see some of the students dancing away.

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