New Starters in Silver Class

We are delighted to welcome nine new starters to Silver Class at Turney School. The very young learners have settled in well to our school routine.

One of the first themes that the children will be learning about is babies and families. We are reading the book Owl Babies to help with this learning. The story is shown on the class whiteboard each day for the children to follow.

Our day usually starts with some singing, and then listening to the story. We have used some owl puppets to show what is taking place. The children are encouraged to turn the pages in the Owl Babies book

Silver Class will carry out activities that help them to understand why the baby owls like to live with their mother when they are very young. The children will be able to see this in the animal world as well by playing with the doll’s house in Silver Class.

Elsewhere in Silver Class and many free flow activities are taking place. The children are given a free role to decide which resources they want to play with. These are available both inside and outside our classroom.

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