Welcoming the New Turney School Gold Class

We are thrilled to welcome the new Gold Class to Turney School! This is a parallel reception class to the new starters in Silver Class. The children will be following a similar pattern of learning with many shared activities.

Our first reading book for the new term is Owl Babies. This is a story that helps the children to understand about the role of families and how we all need to have somewhere to live.

We will be exploring these ideas through play. This includes indoor and outdoor learning. Gold Class has many sensory play options available. The children will be able to use the outdoor water and sand resources.

Objects from the Owl Babies story will also be introduced. These include leaves, branches and apples.

Elsewhere and we have a home corner set up to see how adults are able to look after their children. Plenty of role play with the adult staff takes place.

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