Class 10IC Improve Ball Handling Skills in PE

Class 10IC are focussing on improving their ball skills as part of our autumn term PE lessons. PE teacher Mr Jones has structured a series of activities that help to improve the hand coordination of the pupils.

A gentle warm up started a recent session. The students follow a simple sequence at the start of each session. They are able to anticipate which stretching exercise comes next in the routine.

Three workstations were set up in the school gym to help improve ball coordination. The first was a simple basketball bounce down the gym, with a shot at the hoop at the end.

The next workstation saw pairs of pupils roll a ball through a passage marked out by a couple of cones. Mr Jones gave the instruction of using two hands to pick up the ball. The cones were narrowed when the class members improved their confidence.

The final activity saw the students using a small basketball to knock down a skittle that was balanced on a bench. Underarm, overarm or a chest pass could be used.

All activities were timed, with the number of successful completions counted. Class 10IC will work on improving these scores throughout the term.

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