Class 8AV Food Tech Healthy Snacks Topic

Class 8AV are continuing with their food tech healthy snacks topic. Each week we prepare food from around the world that is good for our bodies.

A recent menu item was a tasty vegetable pastry. This was a good opportunity for the pupils to taste different vegetable types. The ingredients included mushrooms, sweetcorn and onions.

The first task was to collect the equipment needed. Each pupil was given a list of items that needed to be located. They were asked to tick these off once they had been found.

The ingredients list was next. Pupils were given a choice over which vegetables they would like to be included inside their wraps. They circled any ingredients they wanted to use.

Chopping and preparing the mix for the wrap was the first skill. Some grating then followed with the cheese.

The final task was to add the mixture to our wrap. The pastry was sealed using a fork, before placing it inside the oven.

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