Praise for School Home Communication Books

We would like to thank all the parents and carers who continue to contribute to the Turney School Home Communication Book. This is a valuable resource that helps to share information between school and home.

Class teachers write comments in the book to help parents and carers understand what has taken place during the day. It is then great to receive a similar short passage shared about any learning that has taken place at home.

This strong partnership between school and home then helps our staff to focus on specific areas. Teaching Assistants develop bespoke teaching plans to assist in areas that need additional support.

Some of the recent comments that have been shared from the home setting include:

“I’m very happy that Pupil X is getting on well at school. He is also calmer at home.”

“Many thanks for the homework. Pupil Y has done all his activities with some support. I was impressed.”

“Lovely to see pictures of what Pupil Z is doing with a big smile on her face!”

“Thank you, lovely to see Pupil X working!”

“Wow! Pupil Y is doing very well now. Thank you so much!We are looking forward to more pictures and progress.”

Thank you to everyone who helps to make this partnership work. Our termly Parent’s Evening sessions are an opportunity to discuss these ideas in more detail.

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