Turney School Pupil Questionnaire Responses

All pupils at Turney School are currently taking part in a school questionnaire. We value any feedback from the pupils and are always looking to make the school experience even more enjoyable.

The Primary school pupils have now completed their questionnaires. Staff have started work on asking the Secondary students for their views on life at Turney School.

One of the main focuses for the Primary pupils was to ask how they feel at Turney School. This information will be used to organise further support for each child.

Different methods were used to gather the information. Staff made sure that the questionnaires were accessible for all levels of ability.

Some of the pupils responded to photographs taken around the playground, classroom and dinner canteen. Support staff with a knowledge of each pupil helped to communicate a response. These pupils also responded with a Like or Don’t Like box.

Yes and No statements were used by a different ability level group. Questions about everyday activities at Turney School were given a response.

Some of the higher level learners were able to use their writing skills to respond to the questionnaire. Teaching staff helped the pupils to define what is meant by a safe learning space.

The next task was to write a short passage using this information.

One example was:

“I like Turney School. I feel safe playing with my friends.”

The feedback from this exercise will be used by the school management team to continue to make improvements.

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