Y14 Community Work Experience with Herne Hill Forum

Monday mornings for the Year 14 students is all about work experience in the local community. Once we have finished our Herne Hill Velodrome session, the students remain in the local area working alongside the Herne Hill Forum.

Turney School students are active in helping to clean the Station Hall that is above the train station. This is a fantastic space that is managed by our friends from the Herne Hill Forum.

Our work experience activities include hoovering and cleaning the Hall after a weekend of community activity. The students are asked to organise themselves with the resources such as the hoover and kitchen cleaning equipment.

A second team of Year 14 students have helped out around the entrance to Herne Hill station. A recent visit saw the Turney class members adding some wood chippings to some planters, and then carrying out a litter pick around the station.

This is a great opportunity for the students to be active and feel confident in the community. We get to show our road safety skills and to find out a little more about the local community.

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