Lego Therapy Team Work in Green Class

Green Class are learning to work together as a team using Lego Therapy. This involves a small team working towards a shared goal.

The pupils are shown a picture of the final planned construction. A recent example was a tower of different coloured blocks with an elephant placed on the top.

Each team member has a role to play. One class member asks for the Lego blocks from another class member who is the site foreman.

The key is to request the correct colour according to the picture. PECS are used to make these requests, as well as verbal communication.

This is an activity which helps to support social communication and language skills. Staff members work with each team member and encourage them to develop their verbal sentence skills.

Elsewhere in Green Class and the children are learning about 2D and 3D shapes during our maths lessons. Our main science topic for the rest of the term is feelings. The children will be asked to describe different feelings and when we might experience these.

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