Wonderful Wrap Wednesdays with Class 13EG

Wrap Wednesdays are a roaring success at Turney School! This is a sixth form initiative that helps the students to develop enterprise skills.

Each Wednesday morning the Class 13EG students head to our special cafe space for some food preparation. Our task is to prepare some tasty wraps and snacks, and then sell these on to staff and students.

Orders are taken early in the morning. The menu includes tuna, chicken and a vegetarian option. Our team then gets to work.

Each class member has a specific Wrap Wednesday role. Our group includes chefs, an accountant, a packer, delivery staff and cleaners. Specialist uniforms are worn. Some fantastic teamwork takes place.

Class 13EG organised a questionnaire to find out which cause our friends around the school would like to support with any profit. Last half term we were proud to raise £170 for the Battersea Cats and Dogs Home. We are supporting a homeless charity in the run up to Christmas.

Wrap Wednesdays are a great initiative to help the sixth form students develop a sense of community awareness. The practical session also help support our communication and maths learning.

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