Class 9MA Jumping and Landing in PE Lessons

Class 9MA are focussing on jumping and landing safely as part of our current PE programme. The class members have different levels of ability and confidence. PE teacher Mr Jones has made sure that each pupil has a realistic target to achieve.

One of the work stations involved balancing along a plank and then walking on to a mini-trampoline. The instructions were for one bounce, and then a safe landing on a small red mat placed on a larger landing mat.

The second work station helped the class members to build up their climbing and vaulting confidence levels. A couple of vaulting frames were climbed. The students were asked to complete a jump on to the landing mat if they felt confident.

Mr Jones gave the key instruction of bending our knees to help with the landing. Each student was videoed as they carried out their sequence. We view these at the start of each lesson to see where we can make improvements.

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